Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Sweet Boys

Since I am waaaaaayyyyyy behind in posts, I thought I would post a little sweetness to hold you over.  Their love for each other melts my heart through and through.

(It's a little dark, it was in the bedroom as we were settling down for the night.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day (July 25, 2013)

Well, its here.  The First Day.

Who knew the sun was so bright this early. 

How sweet is the little boo boos looking out the door? 

Dearest Davis,

Today is your first day of Kindergarten. I absolutely cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? It is funny how as a parent you look forward to these special days, but when they get here you are a complete mess and want nothing more than turn back the hands of time. I know you will be amazing at school, I have no doubts whatsoever. You are extremely intelligent, wise beyond your years and the funniest little guy I have ever seen. As you venture off into this new phase, please remember these few things:

1. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter how they treat you. Life has a funny way of having paths cross again down the road.

2. Listen to your teachers, as they are giving their heart to help you grow into a strong young man.

3. Never give up. Keep trying and you will succeed.

Oh, my precious boy. Go out there and show this world what you are made of!


Be still my breaking heart…..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PreSchool Graduation (June 7, 2013)

 Hard to believe my sweet baby boy graduated from Preschool. 
It really was a precious program.  All of these children are the sweetest, kindest of children.  Davis and some of them have even been together since infancy.
 They sang and signed "Jesus Loves Me".
 Then the cutest little song and dance.

And, the threesome.  It is bitter sweet as the last day comes.  All three will be parting ways and going to different schools.  God Bless each one, they have truly became a part of each others lives.
 When accepting his diploma, Mrs. Parker asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.  Ready for this, complete shock to Chris and I...
 A Police Officer.

And as we were leaving the most beautiful rainbow appeared...
Hope for their tomorrow.

2013 Tee Ball Season

We wrapped up our last tee ball season,

 (Opening Ceremonies)

And this little man had a perfect batting average over all three seasons.  Remarkable!!!!

(since I am so late posting this.... looks like we might have one more tee ball season, so
to be continued...)

(Cousin Emily loves her little ball player.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

50 Years (March 23, 2013)

What a great honor to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Wilmington College (now known as the UNC Dub).  GrandDaddy was a pitcher on the 1963 winning team.  (See I told ya, baseball is in the blood.... both sides.... Davis, you have no choice.  :o)

 GrandDaddy throwing out the first pitch.  Video below.

 I am sure Davis has no knowledge of how special this is, but he will one day.  We even have the game ball to cherish. 

Hoppy Easter

Wanted to add some quick shots from this Easter.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just Because.... (February 17, 2013)

He is so stinking cute!